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Online Inventory

Rather than MedShare blindly shipping medical supplies and equipment that we assume are needed, approved healthcare recipients custom-order the supplies for their shipment using an innovative online inventory database. This not only ensures the facility is getting what it needs to treat its patients, but also prevents supplies from going to waste.


The online inventory is updated every three to four hours to reflect product changes and additions. Approved recipients have an assigned login and password, so they can personally choose the supplies most needed for their healthcare facility.



Approved Recipients

If you are an approved recipient, please click here to view MedShare’s Inventory and use the login information sent to you by your contact at MedShare.


More than 1,000 boxes of consumable supplies and fully functional biomedical equipment fill one 40 foot container. Equipment is not available online but will be assigned by MedShare’s Biomedical Department based off of your wish-list.


After all steps are completed MedShare will ship your container. However, customs clearance and onward transportation from the port to the final place of delivery will be your responsibility.



MedShare Inventory Demonstration

If you have not yet been approved as a recipient, but you would like to see a demonstration of MedShare’s online inventory, please click here to view the demo version of the MedShare Inventory and type in one of the passwords below:


To view the current inventory of supplies in the Southeastern Regional Distribution Center, enter:

  • Agency Ref: DEMO and password: DEMO


To view the current inventory of supplies in the Western Regional Distribution Center, enter:

  • Agency Ref: DEMO-W and password: DEMO


PLEASE NOTE that you will not be able to order supplies from the demonstration page, you must be an approved recipient to order supplies. Apply to receive supplies and learn more about becoming an approved recipient here.