Biomedical Equipment Training & Repair

To address the dilemma of donated medical equipment sitting idle in healthcare facilities, MedShare invests significant time and resources in a state-of-the-art biomedical equipment training and repair service that provides the safest and highest quality medical equipment to our beneficiaries. MedShare’s Biomedical Engineering Department follows the principles and guidelines of medical equipment donation as instituted by the World Health Organization.

Biomedical Equipment Training & Repair

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It’s vital for healthcare facilities to have functioning medical equipment that is safe, reliable, and available for diagnostic procedures, therapy, treatment, and monitoring of patients.

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Program Overview

A Critical Link to Sustainability

MedShare’s Biomedical Equipment Training & Repair Service focuses on providing quality, functional medical equipment — including biomedical engineering training — to those in need. We focus on the principles of quality donations and sustainability to include:

  • Healthcare equipment donations that benefit the recipient to every extent possible;
  • Donations of equipment respecting the wishes and authority of the beneficiary, and conforming with World Health Organization’s guidelines, government policies and administrative arrangements for the recipient country;
  • There are no double standards in quality. If the quality of an item is unacceptable in the U.S., it is also unacceptable as a donation;
  • Effective communication between the donor and the recipient, with all donations made according to plan;
  • Ongoing sustainability service that trains end-users, biomedical technicians and engineers in the operation, maintenance and servicing of medical equipment.
Biomedical Equipment Training & Repair

Program Impact

As medical technology becomes increasingly complicated to operate and repair, the need for highly trained medical technicians is fundamental for hospitals and clinics worldwide. MedShare’s Biomedical Equipment Training & Repair Service has an immediate and significant impact on strengthening and sustaining global health systems.

MedShare has a team of professionally trained biomedical engineers and technicians who service all medical equipment before delivery. We also send biomedical engineers to developing countries to provide hands-on training to end-users, engineers, technicians and healthcare professionals.

In addition to the overseas needs assessments that MedShare provides, we work closely with local universities in metro Atlanta to provide hands-on training to over 2,500 students enrolled in Georgia Institute of Technology, DeVry University, Chattahoochee Technical College.


pieces of biomedical equipment repaired and/or installed internationally in FY2023


comprehensive hospital assessments completed in FY2023


biomedical engineers, technicians, and end-users trained globally to date


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Biomedical Equipment Training & Repair