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An Update from CEO & President, Charles Redding

Review Charles Redding’s Annual Letter below and check out his latest Global Health Thought Leadership column here.

Dear Friends,

As we reflect on what MedShare accomplished over the past year with your support, we would also like to look to the future and what we can achieve given the foundation that this work has built.

With your help, we were able to launch our Maternal & Child Health initiative, 2 Million Mothers, that will aid in reducing mortality rates for pregnancy and childbirth-related illnesses in communities where traditional medical care is unavailable. Our partnership with the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia allowed us to provide $9.2 million of medical supplies and biomedical equipment to strengthen their health system and support victims of famine and drought as they recover in the coming years. Because we trained more than 800 engineers and technicians to use and repair state of the art biomedical equipment this year, we can support hospitals in developing nations with the tools they need to save lives for years to come.

None of those accomplishments would have been possible without the community that supports us. Everyone, from the volunteers who sort our supplies to the medical professionals who use those supplies to treat patients, enables our work. Because our donors invest in our mission, we can continue to serve communities in 100 countries.

Because over 20,000 volunteers give their time and talents each year, we can divert millions of pounds of quality supplies from local landfills. Because our hospital and product partners donate generously, we can equip more than 766,000 healthcare professionals with the tools they need to save lives. Because those healthcare professionals continue to treat people in the most remote areas, we can reach more than 19 million patients who would otherwise go without care. Because each member of MedShare’s worldwide community cares deeply, we can accomplish all of this and so much more.

Because you care, we can protect mothers and children from preventable illnesses and support healthy families. We can help communities recover from disasters and safeguard against infectious disease outbreaks. We can support underserved populations and restore their trust in healthcare. We can equip medical professionals with essential supplies and lifesaving knowledge. We can provide sustainable aid and expand access to quality healthcare. We can improve the quality of life of people and our planet.

Because you care, we can affect change together. We are truly grateful for your support and trust.


Yours in Service,

Charles Redding

CEO & President


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“When you give your money away to MedShare you are giving hope, you are giving life.”

Dikembe Mutombo NBA Hall of Fame Member and Founder of the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation

“MedShare is truly a win-win situation.”


Dr. William Foege Senior Fellow, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s partnership with MedShare has proved to be one of the most pragmatic, effective and sustainable needs-driven interventions in Africa’s health issues. By innovatively pulling together inventories of medical equipment for needy hospitals in Africa with some of the state-of-the-art equipment that has saved lives in Africa.”

William Asiko President, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation

“Because lives have been changed around the world, many of them in areas with Kimberly-Clark operations, we are proud to continue our support of this outstanding organization’s mission.”

Beverly Yearack Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“More than a shipping entity, MedShare evaluates each donation… Support like this answers crying medical needs.”


John T. Fox President and CEO, Emory Healthcare

“We know that we can rely on MedShare to get our much needed healthcare products to underserved populations throughout the world with great efficiency and care.”


Teresa Hacunda Director of Civic Affairs, Covidien 

“This is in appreciation of the fifty hospital beds your outfit donated to Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital. Your offer has gone a long way to improve hospital bed situation and hope that more of such laudable offers may come to improve the quality of service being delivered to our clients.”

Joseph Gyimah Ghana Health Service

“I came as a volunteer with my company and I had a life changing experience. I think it is awesome that MedShare provides medical supplies to developing countries across the globe. I plan to go back and volunteer as an individual. Sorting medical supplies and putting boxes together is a great work out and it is a pretty neat way to learn about the hospital and medical supplies. The volunteer team at MedShare is great in helping you figure out which items go in which pile. I encourage other companies to get their employees out there to volunteer. Volunteering as a team is a great team building activity and it’s very rewarding to see the effect on the lives of people around the world.”

Moji G. Volunteer

“Our longstanding relationship with MedShare International has been an ideal way to help make a positive impact on families around the world. The medical supplies donated through our partnership have a profound impact on several hospitals as many don’t have the means to meet the needs of their patients. MedShare’s mission is near and dear to the hearts of our employees as their own families are treated at these hospitals and they are proud that Kimberly-Clark is able to help make a difference. Supporting causes like this helps us carry out our mission to support communities where we live and work. “

Jenny Lewis Vice-President, Kimberly-Clark Foundation

“The traditional method of filling a container according to what the shipper ‘thinks’ is needed has been made obsolete with your online shopping system. I consider you to be our premier shipping organization. “

David Bell CURE International's Procurement and Inventory Manager