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Join us in giving medical supplies a second life that saves lives! We invite groups or individuals to volunteer at our Atlanta, Northern California, and New York locations. Whatever your skills, we will put them to good use!


Individual Volunteers

If you are in Atlanta or Northern California, click the buttons below to sign up through our Better Impact page and schedule a volunteer time that works for you. If you are in the New York area, email Jason Montagna at volunteerne@medshare.org to schedule your volunteer time.

Click the buttons below to volunteer in your area!

Volunteer Groups

Volunteer groups in the Atlanta area, please contact
Liz Diller at volunteergeorgia@medshare.org

Volunteer groups in the San Francisco area, please contact Shana Heede Hassol at volunteercalifornia@medshare.org

Volunteer groups in the New York area, please contact
Jason Montagna at volunteerne@medshare.org


In your email contact, please provide the following information: group name, estimated number of volunteers, and preferred dates/times for volunteering.


Want to make Clean Birthing Kits for moms and newborns around the world? Contact our volunteer coordinators above and let them know you want to support 2 Million Mothers!


Please note, MedShare is not a host site for mandatory community service.

Volunteers are the driving force behind what we do. Without the generosity of these dedicated humanitarians, MedShare wouldn’t be able to send lifesaving supplies and equipment to those in need around the world. Get Involved with MedShare and see how much of an impact you can make!