Together, let’s continue to amplify the impact of MedShare’s critical work.


From the ongoing medical crisis in Ukraine, to life-saving maternal and child health programs in developing countries and support for vital safety-net health facilities in vulnerable communities in the U.S. and around the world, our donations serve as a force multiplier for MedShare.

Your support has helped MedShare facilitate medical deliveries to 164 hospitals in Ukraine, benefitting hundreds of thousands of patients, including the delivery of the first of $27 million in critical spinal surgical sets destined for critical care hospitals in heavily impacted regions of the country. These specialized instruments will enhance the capabilities of medical professionals on the front lines and contribute to the improvement of surgical care throughout the country.

The beauty of supporting an organization inherently plugged in to a powerful network of humanitarian partners is that it allows MedShare to prepare year-round to deliver humanitarian medical aid whenever and wherever it is most needed. Working hand-in-hand with these partners on the ground to determine the specific needs of each affected community, MedShare can deliver a more targeted response – especially during crises, ensuring that the right medical supplies and equipment are in the hands of the right people at the right time.

What’s more, not only does MedShare help strengthen institutional and community capacities in the immediate aftermath of a crisis, but they are also committed to long-term recovery efforts, helping to rebuild and rehabilitate the healthcare infrastructure post-disaster.

Your donation today will help us continue to provide medical aid to the people of Ukraine and to thousands of others in medically vulnerable communities throughout the world.

On behalf of Zeihan on Geopolitics, thank you for your incredibly generous support, which will ensure that MedShare can equip healthcare professionals, medical mission teams, partner organizations, and local hospitals and clinics with the supplies and equipment needed to save lives.

To MedShare, financial responsibility is paramount. As such, over 91% of every dollar donated to MedShare goes directly to support programming. >> View Ukraine Impact Report

*Match includes collective gifts up to $50,000.