May 26, 2023 | 1 minute read

Biomed Training Critical to Sustainability

MedShare’s Value to Vulnerable Health Systems Extends Beyond Medical Supplies and Equipment.

MedShare continues to provide critical biomedical equipment training and support for our recipients in Nigeria, most recently in the Delta State capital of Asaba, with biomed engineers and technicians from Asaba Specialist Hospital.

The Delta State government sponsored eight 40-foot containers of supplies and biomedical equipment, including training of local biomed engineers, installation of shipped equipment and repairs of existing medical equipment that was inoperable.

This support is crucial to the hospital’s ability to provide a higher standard of care to the people of the region and ensure sustainability for many years to come.

MedShare is incredibly proud of the work we do in these under-resourced communities in Africa and around the world through our value-add Biomedical Equipment Training & Repair Service.

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