June 27, 2024 | 2 minute read

MedShare biomedical training instrumental to healthcare delivery in Cameroon

Sociopolitical struggles in Cameroon have significantly impacted access to healthcare in several regions of the country, disrupting lives, damaging health infrastructure, and leaving vulnerable communities with limited access to primary healthcare services. Despite these challenges, humanitarian relief agencies – MedShare among them – have mobilized to provide medical assistance to those in need.

In fact, for many years MedShare has collaborated with key partners in the region in an effort to help stabilize healthcare delivery in Cameroon. Sayap Africa is one such mission-driven organization. What began in 2019 with the shipment of a single 40-foot container to help equip several urban and rural hospitals and medical centers with biomedical equipment and essential supplies has evolved into a comprehensive capacity-building initiative.

Now in its second phase, the partnership is focused on empowering local communities through the training of 30 biomedical technicians, equipping them with the skills necessary to repair and maintain biomedical equipment and enhance the sustainability of healthcare services across the country.

MedShare Director of Biomedical Tech Services Eben Amstrong recently returned from Cameroon, where he conducted comprehensive week-long biomedical equipment training sessions at Sayap Africa’s on-site medical facility and two other local hospitals.

Week 1: At Sayap Africa, Eben focused on the principles of ultrasound machines, mammography, panoramic dental x-rays, ventilators, scales, vital sign monitors, lab incubators, lab microscopes, such machines and field analyzers.

Week 2: At Central Hospital Yaoundé, one of Cameroon’s largest public hospitals and a major treatment facility within the country’s capital city, Eben instructed technicians and end-users on medical technologies, troubleshooting techniques, and medical equipment management.

Week 3: At General Hospital Douala, also one of Cameroon’s largest public hospitals and a major treatment facility within the country’s largest city, Eben continued MedShare’s decade-long history of providing comprehensive biomedical equipment training and support.

In total, 58 biomedical engineers and technicians and 16 end-users (nurses, doctors, and others), were trained and 118 pieces of medical equipment were checked, diagnosed, and repaired over the three-week period. Additionally, MedShare provided guidance and training on medical device design, biological systems, proficiency in data analysis, inventory, logbook, and effective communication for collaborating with medical professionals.

Through these hands-on and immersive learning experiences, participants gained invaluable expertise, enhancing their ability to address healthcare challenges effectively and improve access to healthcare in the region.

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