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Medical Mission Teams

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Medical Mission Teams

Medical mission teams represent an essential component of global health delivery. Most medical mission teams provide primary health care and surgical services for communities with limited access to health care in middle and lower-income countries.

A large number of MedShare’s health system interventions each year involve supporting medical mission teams traveling to some of the most remote parts of the world to provide health care. In fact, MedShare has equipped medical mission teams treating patients in medically underserved communities around the world with over $18 million in quality medical supplies to date.

Our Primary Care Supply Center in Decatur, GA is a first option for those who would like to select common medical supplies in-person. Click here to schedule a Decatur Appointment. In other areas of the country, supplies can be ordered online and shipped to you for your convenience (shipping fees apply).

Please note that MedShare does not provide biomedical equipment to medical mission teams.


Can I order online now?

If you already have an approved MedShare account  (including a username and password) and have previously ordered online, you will simply need to log in via the ONLINE INVENTORY link. You will confirm key information and a new order number will be created for you. You will then be able to begin ordering.

What if I do not yet have a MedShare account?

FIRST STEP: Please complete the online application below to request medical supplies. Once you are notified that your application has been approved, you will be able to log in to place your order.




If you previously submitted an application and would like to get approval to begin using the MedShare Online Ordering system, please send an email to with your Contact Name, Organization Name and Account Number. You will then receive an email with your Login information.

Application Process:

1. Complete an Online MedTeam Application
2. If applicable, check the box marked “Med Team requires 100 pounds or more”
3. MedShare will contact you to make an appointment for selecting supplies or to give you online ordering instructions
4. For online orders, supplies can be picked up at our Primary Care Center in Decatur, GA or shipped to you for your convenience (shipping fees apply)



Standard Donation:

> In-office medical teams: $100 for the first 50 pounds of medical supplies, and $3 per each additional pound
> Online medical mission teams: $3 per pound + shipping @ $2 per pound

Please donate through our secure system here.


Send Us Feedback From Your Medical Mission Trip

Please send us hi-res photos, quotes, and feedback from  your medical mission trip so that we can tell the story of your work and share the impact with our donors and volunteers. Med Team Feedback Request


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