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Medical Mission Teams

Please note: Teams must fill out an application and make an appointment in order to pick up supplies.

MedShare has equipped nearly 4,000 medical mission teams treating patients in medically underserved communities around the world. MedShare’s Distribution Centers in the Atlanta and San Francisco metropolitan areas have Medical Mission Team Supply Center where healthcare workers can order online or pick up supplies that will assist them in their work to provide quality healthcare abroad.


Medical mission teams are welcome to visit our facilities in the Atlanta metropolitan area (Decatur, GA) and San Francisco Bay Area (San Leandro, CA) to select supplies for your medical mission. You will be able to select only the supplies that are available at the time of your visit. Please note that we do not provide biomedical equipment to medical mission teams.

Teams located outside those areas or requiring more than 100 pounds of medical supplies can order through MedShare’s online system after filling out an application and receiving login credentials.


Application Process:

  1. 1. Complete an Online MedTeam Application
  2. 2. If applicable, check the box marked “Med Team requires 100 pounds or more”
  3. 3. MedShare will contact you to make an appointment for selecting supplies or to give you online ordering instructions
  4. 4. For online orders, supplies can be picked up or shipped via UPS for your convenience (shipping fees apply)

Alternatively, you can download and fill out the Printable MedTeam Application for submission via fax to 770-323-4301 for our Decatur, Georgia office or 510-567-7071 for our San Leandro,California office.


Standard Donation:
  • In-office medical teams: $100 for the first 50 pounds of medical supplies, and $3 per each additional pound
  • Online medical mission teams: $4 per pound + shipping

Please donate through our secure system here. Select “Direct my gift to:” and choose the location from which you are receiving supplies.


Send Us Feedback From Your Medical Mission Trip

Please send us hi-res photos, quotes, and feedback from  your medical mission trip so that we can tell the story of your work and share the impact with our donors and volunteers. Med Team Feedback Request


Additional Resources:

♦  Pharmaceuticals: MAP International, Brunswick, GA
♦  Biomedical equipment: International AID, Howell, MI