Mobility Aids to Kenya

Mobility Aids to Kenya

MedShare, Mobility Worldwide, and Partners for Care have teamed up to provide mobility aids to Kenyans unable to walk. On November 30th executives from each organization spoke about the partnership and shared stories about the impact carts have had on recipients’ lives.

3 Atlanta Area Charities Work Together Benefiting Kenyans Unable to Walk

MedShare, Mobility Worldwide, and Partners for Care demonstrate how charities can seamlessly work together on a larger cause by teaming up to provide unique wheelchairs (Mobility Carts) to those living in Kenya.

Anthony Mungai, Program Director for Partners for Care— newly arrived from Kenya—demonstrated how unique collaboration works to help those in Africa. Over 57,000 Mobility Carts have been given to people in need in the developing world since Mobility Worldwide’s founding.

SPEAKERS: Anthony Mungai, Kenyan Program Director, Partners for Care & Connie Cheren, President/Founder, Partners for Care; Charles Redding, CEO, MedShare; Scott Walters, Executive Director, Mobility Worldwide

About the three organizations:

MedShare: Dedicated to improving the quality of life of people, communities and our planet by sourcing and directly delivering surplus medical supplies and equipment to communities in need around the world.

Mobility Worldwide: Bringing mobility, dignity and more to those in developing countries who are unable to walk by building and donating unique 3-wheeled mobility carts (wheelchairs).

Partners for Care: To serve, equip, empower and encourage its Kenyan staff and partnering organizations in East Africa to eliminate needless suffering and death caused by preventable diseases.