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Surplus Medical Supply List

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Surplus Medical Supply List

MedShare accepts donations of medical supplies under the following conditions:

  • Supplies with expiration dates have at least 12 months of life remaining
  • Disposable items should never have had direct patient contact
  • NO Pharmaceuticals
  • NO IV Fluids or Feeding Supplements


Acceptable items include but are not limited to the following list of common supplies.


Acceptable Supplies:

  • Anesthesia — masks, breathing circuits, LMA’s, hyperinflation bags, epidural kits
  • Books (Medical ONLY) — medical textbooks, journals, teaching aids
  • Casting Materials — undercast padding, plaster wrap, casting tape
  • Drainage/Irrigation — irrigation trays, suction catheters, yankauers, wound evacuators
  • Drapes — surgical, exam, single and drape packs
  • Dressings — gauze pads/rolls, elastic, bandages, wound dressings, dressing kits, medical tape
  • Electrodes — EKG/ECG, ESU, EMS, defibrillation, needles/blades
  • Endo/Laparoscopic — staplers, trocars, obturators, graspers, dissectors
  • Feeding — nasogastric tubes, enteral administration sets, gravity bags – NO SOLUTION
  • Gloves — surgical and exam
  • Gowns — surgical & patient
  • Infant — bottles, newborn caps, diapers, birthing blankets
  • IV — administration sets, IV catheters, winged infusion sets, epidural supplies, ext. sets
  • Lab — specimen collection, vacutainers, test tubes/bottles, pipettes, culture media
  • Medical Apparel — scrubs, masks, caps, shoe covers, aprons
  • Mobility Aids — wheel chairs crutches, walkers, canes
  • Monitoring — leads, temp probes, BP cuffs, pulse ox/O2 sensors
  • Needles/Syringes — all types and varieties, sharps disposal containers
  • Nursing Aids — dressing aids, underpads, restraints, anti-embolism stockings, diapers
  • OB/GYN — umbilical catheters, speculums, maternity briefs/pads, umbilical clamps
  • Operating Room — surgical packs, table covers, surgical instruments , towels
  • Orthopedic — post op boots/shoes, braces, slings, undercast padding, splints
  • Ostomy — pouches/bags, barriers, stoma powder/deodorizer
  • Personal Hygiene — body wash/shampoo, toothpaste, combs/brushes, washcloths (all unused)
  • Respiratory — nasopharyngeal, ambu bags/resuscitators, nasal cannulas,  endo/trach/bronchial tubes
  • Skin Prep — alcohol pads, iodine applicators, soap, scrub brushes, lubricating jelly
  • Sutures — all types and varieties, wound closure devices
  • Urinary — catheters, catheter trays, drainage bags, skin prep items, specimen containers


To make a donation of surplus medical supplies or request further information, see our Donate Medical Supplies page.