Hurricane Fiona - MedShare

Providing hope and healing to
communities impacted by Hurricane Fiona


September is the peak of the Atlantic and West Pacific hurricane season. Hurricane Fiona hit the American island of Puerto Rico on Sunday, September 18 and continues to produce life-threatening torrential rains, landslides and cause considerable damage including regional power outages.  

 MedShare has a long-standing history of supporting the people of Puerto Rico and strengthening their healthcare systems.   

 On September 19, MedShare initiated its Disaster Response Protocol and is taking the following actions

     > Opening up our Primary Care Supply Center to individuals and groups who are making medical missions to the affected region to provide medical relief  

     > We have waived the donation request to allow Medical Mission teams traveling to impacted areas to visit our Southeast Primary Care Supply Center in Decatur, GA to select up to 100 lbs of supplies

     > Working with our trusted on the ground partners and NGOs to assess the damage

     > Preparing initial shipments of necessary medical supplies and equipment to support people in the immediate area affected by Hurricane Fiona 

     > Our response efforts will continue to evolve as the situation unfolds

Your support ensures that we equip healthcare professionals, medical mission teams, partner organizations and local hospitals and clinics with the supplies and equipment needed most to save lives. We cannot do this without your kindness and support. Thank you!