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Free and Safety Net Clinics

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Free and Safety Net Clinics

You may be familiar with our work in Nigeria, Guatemala, Haiti, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But did you know that MedShare directly supports hundreds of free and safety net clinics throughout the United States?

Families living in disadvantaged and marginalized communities — regardless of the country in which they live — face inequities in virtually every facet of their lives. Which is why MedShare and our many generous and dedicated partners work together to help ensure that this is not the case when it comes to access to health care.

MedShare provides medical supply donations to free and safety net clinic representatives across the country. Our Primary Care Supply Center in Decatur, GA is a first option for those who would like to select common medical supplies from a more limited inventory in-person. Click here to schedule a Decatur appointment.

In other areas of the country, supplies can be ordered online and shipped directly to the clinic.

Maximum for in-person ordering is 100 pounds.
Minimum for Online ordering is 50 pounds.


Can I order online now?

If you already have an approved MedShare account  (including a username and password) and have previously ordered online, you will simply need to send an email to to request to open a new order. Include your Contact Name, Organization Name, Account Number and Shipping Address for the order. If you have not ordered online in a while, you may wish to review and download the ONLINE ORDERING guide before placing your order.


What if I do not yet have a MedShare account?

FIRST STEP: Please complete the online application below to request medical supplies. Once you are notified that your application has been approved, you will be able to log in to place your order.

If you previously submitted an application and would like to get approval to begin using the MedShare Online Ordering system, please send an email to with your Contact Name, Organization Name and Account Number. You will then receive an email with your Login information.




PLEASE NOTE: The last day to visit the Primary Care Supply Center in San Leandro, CA was Thursday, September 29th, 2022. Clinics that previously picked up their orders in San Leandro may now order supplies online. If you have questions, please email


What is the cost to my clinic?

> There will be no charge to US-based Free or Safety Net Clinics for supplies or shipping, whether orders are placed in-person or online. MedShare subsidizes these costs through the generous donations of those who support our Primary Care Program in the US. However, if you wish to donate a modest amount towards your order, we sincerely appreciate your generosity.

Donate through our MedTeams donation page.



For questions or more information about clinic supplies, please email