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Thank You Bay Area Volunteers!

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To our incredible Bay Area volunteers:

Your contributions to our mission simply cannot be overstated, and I can’t thank you enough for not only investing your valuable time and financial resources in our work, but for using your voice to share the incredible impact we’ve made together with your friends, family, co-workers…and anyone else who would listen. You’ve truly been like family to MedShare, and I sincerely hope that you will continue to stay engaged with us in whatever way you feel comfortable as we remain committed to increasing access to health care for marginalized communities here and abroad.

While the building that once represented MedShare to so many will no longer be a tangible part of our future, it will always be a part of our legacy. A legacy I hope you are incredibly proud to have been a part of. A legacy that will carry on as we continue to support both our safety net clinics and medical mission team partners in the Bay Area and beyond, and make an indelible impact on struggling health systems in developing countries throughout the world.

I hope you will continue to use your voice to tell the story of MedShare’s impact on global health and the significant role you have played in our success.

Thank you again for supporting our mission with heart and passion. The difference you have made is immeasurable.

In health,

Charles Redding | CEO & President