Scripps supports MedShare’s response to the medical crisis in Turkey and Syria - MedShare

Scripps Health supports MedShare’s response
to the medical crisis in Turkey and Syria

"The devastating humanitarian impact of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has created an extensive and immediate need for medical support. So much so that we have already initiated our disaster relief protocol and are currently coordinating with our key partners to send shipments of medical supplies and equipment to the region as quickly as possible.

Our prayers are with the people affected by this unimaginable tragedy. We will do everything in our power to help address their immediate medical needs as well as the eventual rebuilding of their healthcare infrastructure."

- Charles Redding,
MedShare CEO & President


MedShare is distributing high-quality, unused medical supplies and equipment to our health and humanitarian partners on the ground in the region to help them save lives. Your donation today will help provide critical aid to the thousands of men, women and children of Turkey and Syria facing an uncertain future.

MedShare pledges to continue to work together with the selfless doctors, nurses, partners and volunteers committed to providing immediate medical care and ongoing support as these communities rebuild their healthcare systems in the wake of the disaster.

Thank you for being a part of our efforts.