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MedShare Responds to the Urgent Medical Crisis in Turkey & Syria

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Extraordinary Humanitarian Crisis Called for Immediate Response

The massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have created a devastating situation for people of the region, leaving tens of thousands of men, women and children injured and/or displaced. This natural disaster is multiplying the stress on already overburdened health care systems, particularly in Syria — a country dealing with a cholera outbreak and the effects of 12 years of civil unrest.

The humanitarian impact has created an extensive and immediate need for exactly the kind of medical support MedShare can efficiently and effectively deliver. The crisis is so dire that MedShare decided to initiate our disaster response protocol as quickly as possible to provide much needed medical supplies and equipment to the region. The situation is evolving, and we are coordinating with our key partners on the ground to quickly assess their needs and provide life-saving aid as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support as we pledge to continue to work together with the selfless doctors, nurses, partners and volunteers committed to providing medical care on the front lines.

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