MedShare Responds: Sierra Leone

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MedShare Responds to
Flooding and Mudslides in Sierra Leone

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This is Sierra Leone in the wake of the flooding and mudslides that began on August 14th:

Survivors of the floods watch waters rage in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Mohamed Saidu Bah /AFP/Getty Images


Freetown, Sierra Leone — Nearly 500 people have died in the floods and resulting mudslides that began last week. Hundreds more are still missing. Upwards of 3,000 people are in need of immediate humanitarian aid. 13 different communities in and around Freetown have been devastated by the disaster.

The government of Sierra Leone has made a call for international help and highlighted the need for additional medical supplies. Hospitals and health posts are scrambling to treat those injured during the disaster, but the flooding has cut off facilities from regular supplies. With the number of injured on the rise and an increased risk of cholera and other waterborne diseases threatening the health and safety of survivors, healthcare facilities in the devastated areas will need essential medical supplies immediately.


This is what MedShare is doing to help:

  • MedShare has initiated our Disaster Relief Protocol.
  • We are compiling a needs list based on requests from our partners on the ground.
  • Our Shipments team is reaching out to communities in Freetown to determine who has the capacity to receive supplies.
  • Our Operations team is coordinating with AirLink to prepare for an immediate and effective response.
  • We are stocking our Medical Mission Team Store in order to equip healthcare professionals on their way to Sierra Leone.
    • We are waiving our donation request for teams taking up to 100 pounds of supplies.
    • To pick up supplies:
  • Our Procurement team is reaching out to our product partners to request disaster relief supplies; specifically Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), orthopedic equipment, IV supplies and equipment, personal hygiene supplies, and supplies for wound care.
  • We are organizing with our NGO partners in the U.S. to determine the most efficient and impactful response using all of our resources. Visit for more information about quality medical donations during disaster relief efforts.


Here’s what you can do:

  • Volunteer to sort and box supplies to be sent to Sierra Leone.
  • Donate to MedShare’s Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Spread the word, talk to your friends and family about getting involved, and share our posts on social media. We want everyone to know that MedShare is here to help!