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International Container Shipment

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Ordering an International Shipping Container

Since 1998, MedShare has delivered over $220 million worth of life saving medical supplies and equipment to over 100 countries. We work with corporations, foreign governments, nonprofit organizations and individuals who wish to sponsor a donation to specified healthcare recipients abroad.

To apply for medical supplies to be donated via an international shipping container:

1. Complete an application online (en Español, en Français). Or download and fax in a form in English, Español, or Français.

2. Secure the necessary funding for your shipment — $40,000 USD for a forty-foot container, $30,000 USD for a twenty-foot container.

3. Secure shipping documentation and provide proof of Duty Free Clearance (typically given by the Ministry of Finance).

4. After the application is reviewed, you will be contacted by a member of MedShare’s staff to be approved as a recipient.

5. You will be assigned a login and password from MedShare. Use that information to access our Online Inventory and select your supplies to fill the container. (More than 1,000 boxes of consumable supplies and fully functional biomedical equipment fill one 40 foot container. Equipment is not available online but will be assigned by MedShare’s Biomedical Department based off of your wish-list.)

6. MedShare will ship your container to the designated ocean port. Customs clearance and onward transportation from the port to the final place of delivery will be your responsibility.

7. After you have received your shipment, the recipient will complete a feedback survey and send photos of donated products and other items that illustrate the shipment’s impact.


For questions regarding shipments, please contact Roger Mforneh at at 404-537-5073.