Hurricane Irma

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This is what MedShare is doing to help communities impacted by Hurricane Irma:

  • MedShare is collecting medical supplies and basic care items to send to those impacted by Hurricane Irma.
  • On October 7th, MedShare delivered 100 generators to the North American Jewish Federation in Puerto Rico to assist in returning power to communities devastated by the hurricane.
  • On October 7th, MedShare sent $43,000 worth of medical supplies and biomedical equipment to Centro Medico in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The donation included essential equipment including a defibrillator and sterilizer needed by the hospital’s emergency and surgical teams working overtime in the wake of the hurricane.

  • Atlanta Falcon Dontari Poe is supporting MedShare’s Disaster Relief efforts!
  • On September 30th, in partnership with Patient Airlift Services, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne Airport, and JetAVIVA, MedShare sent an air shipment of supplies to Puerto Rico thanks to Tyler Perry and his donated plane!
  • We have equipped Medical Mission Teams headed to Dominica, Puerto Rico, Nepal, Haiti, and St. Thomas supporting patients and communities impacted by disasters.
  • We are organizing with International Medical Relief Corps, who has a team on the ground, to collaborate on providing medical support.
  • We are coordinating with the PAHO Foundation and other global health partners who have indicated that they would like to support our long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
  • Our corporate and faith-based partners across the country have begun more than 40 individual supply drives to be donated to MedShare’s Disaster Relief efforts.

  • Through our Primary Care Program’s Medical Mission Team Store, we are equipping individual medical mission teams traveling to Puerto Rico with medical supplies. Medical Mission Teams interested in picking up supplies can do so at one of MedShare’s three locations!
  • MedShare is partnering with Convoy of Hope, Texas Diaper Bank, First Aid for All, Angel Flight Soars, and Team Rubicon to deliver medical aid to nonprofit organizations and direct healthcare providers serving communities impacted by the storm.
  • Our team is coordinating with our longterm partners in the Caribbean and new partners in Florida to determine how we can most effectively and efficiently deliver supplies in the wake of the hurricane’s destruction.
  • MedShare partnered with Angel Flight Soars to provide support to the staff at the Roy Schneider Medical Center. This is one of the only hospitals on the island and it was destroyed by Hurricane Irma, leaving patients vulnerable and medical staff without supplies.
  • Many of our corporate partners have begun their own office supply drives! If you’d like to start a supply drive for MedShare at your organization, contact
  • We’ve received vital supply donations from many organizations including Tronex, VWR Medical, The San Francisco SanBao Buddhist Temple Young Adult Division and the Sunday Buddhism Class, CBC National Bank, and Georgia Tech!
  • MedShare has been recognized as one of the most effective charities responding to the hurricanes by several publications:
  • Our Medical Mission Team Store is fully stocked and ready to equip healthcare professionals on their way to impacted areas.
    • We are waiving our donation request for teams taking up to 100 pounds of supplies.
    • To pick up supplies:
  • We are organizing with our NGO partners to determine the most efficient and impactful response using all of our resources. Visit for more information about quality medical donations during disaster relief efforts.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Volunteer to sort and box supplies to be sent to impacted areas.
  • Donate to MedShare’s Disaster Relief Fund as we support people impacted by natural disasters around the world.
  • Start your own supply drive and collect the supplies requested above.
  • Help us spread the word that aid workers can collect medical supplies from our Medical Mission Team Store.
  • Talk to your friends and family about getting involved and share our posts on social media. We want everyone to know that MedShare is here to help!