Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

MedShare has three locations in the United States. Our headquarters and Southeast Regional Distribution Center is in Decatur, Georgia (near Atlanta). Our Western Region Distribution Center is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Our Northeast Region Collection & Sort Center is located in Secaucus, New Jersey (near New York City).



Who can I contact if I want information about a specific region?

For Southeastern Region Operations please contact our Southeast Operations team at
For Northeastern Region Operations please contact our Northeast Operations team at
For Western Region Operations please contact our Western Region Operations team at



Does MedShare have plans to expand operations?

Currently, MedShare has no plans to expand operations.



Where do you collect surplus supplies and equipment?

We work with hospitals in the Atlanta, Northern California and New York City metropolitan areas to recover surplus medical products. We also partner with some hospitals and clinics outside our primary collection areas; and with medical distributors and manufacturers throughout the country to accept donations of unused, unexpired medical goods.

Learn about partnership options here.



Can I donate my expired supplies to MedShare? 

No, all products must have a minimum shelf life of 12 to 18 months due to strict customs regulations where our products are delivered.



What is a container shipment?

Medical products are delivered to recipient clinics, health posts and hospitals in 40-foot tractor trailer sized containers. Each container holds approximately 1,000 boxes of supplies and weighs about 12,000 pounds.



Do you accept pharmaceuticals (medicines)?

No, we do not accept pharmaceuticals. But please contact these organizations to learn if your donation fits their criteria:



Do you accept biomedical equipment?

Yes, we are always in need of functional biomedical equipment. We have full-time biomedical engineers and technicians on staff who prepare items for delivery and travel to train medical staff and end-users on how the equipment operates and how to repair medical devices. Donate equipment or request more information here.



What kind of product donations are accepted?

MedShare works with hospitals, clinics, manufacturers, distributors and individuals to receive reusable medical supplies, gently used durable goods and operational biomedical equipment. Items most needed include gloves, sutures, surgical instruments, stethoscopes, wheelchairs, patient monitors and sterilizers. Donate medical products or request more information here.



Do you make medical supplies available to clinics in the United States?

Yes, we provide a variety of supplies to free and safety net clinics in Georgia and California through MedShare’s Medical Mission Team Store. Applications for free clinic support are found here.



How can I obtain supplies for a medical mission team trip?

View our medical mission team information and submit an online application. Once your application is approved, a MedShare employee will contact you to schedule an appointment to come to our offices and select medical supplies. A doctor’s or nurse’s signature is required on the application.



How do you ensure that containers arrive safely?

We have developed working relationships with corporations, faith-based organizations and other international nonprofits that have overseas staff and are committed to strengthening health systems in developing nations. These partners have a vested financial stake in these communities and help MedShare guide deliveries through customs and onto their final destination, a healthcare facility in need.



What types of requirements are necessary to qualify for container shipment delivery?

New applicants must complete a comprehensive application, including references. Written proof is also required from the applicant’s government that supports the legitimacy of the government or nonprofit organization’s qualifications to accept duty-free humanitarian aid in country. MedShare also asks for a sponsorship donation of $25,000 USD to support the shipment.



How can I learn about sponsoring or donating to a container shipment of medical supplies and equipment?

View MedShare’s Donate Supplies page to learn more about donating. See our International Container Shipment page to learn more about sponsoring a container shipment, or contact Nell Diallo at



What are some ways that I can help MedShare advance its mission?

There are several ways to get involved with MedShare. You can donate medical goods, contribute financially, volunteer to sort and repackage medical supplies and equipment, volunteer to participate on a regional council, or contact Clinton Lewis to host an event.