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Corporate Relations

MedShare is a tremendous component of your business’ corporate social responsibility.  MedShare is grateful for and appreciates your support, that’s why we work every day to provide meaningful group volunteer opportunities and to brand your philanthropy out in the community. When we are successful, then your employees and customers see that you care about their community and the world.

Our Corporate Philanthropy program offers unique opportunities for businesses to engage their employees in meaningful activities. They will learn firsthand how MedShare makes a direct impact in the lives of children and adults in their area and around the world.  With your support, we can expand their horizons by connecting them to the broader world of international public health.


Corporate Partnerships are invaluable to MedShare. Take Henry Schein for example; our decade-long relationship has allowed us to make a difference in 84 countries! Learn more about Henry Schein and other Partnerships here.


National sponsorship recognition opportunities are available and encouraged.  We couldn’t do it without you!



To learn more about becoming a Corporate Partner please contact our Director of Development, Michele Egan at