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Shipment to Nicaragua on November 24, 2009

Yesterday, Tuesday, November 24, 2009 a 40 foot container full of valuable medical supplies and equipment donations for the MINISTRY OF HEALTH OF NICARAGUA was shipped from MedShare’s Western Region. The KIMBERLY CLARK CORPORATION sponsored this generous donation as part of their multi-year grant to MedShare for medical aid to Latin America. The Kimberly Clark Nicaragua office will coordinate the customs clearance and deliver of the container to the Center for Health Supplies of the Ministry of Health in Managua. The Ministry of Health plans to distribute the supplies to several different under-resourced hospitals in the country, including Hospital Manolo Morales in Managua. Representatives from the Ministry of Health explain that “patients will benefit directly by us being able to provide free service to the population and the donation will help the medical sector to solve problems created by a lack of medical supplies”

Some of the medical items on the container include: exam tables, an ECG monitor, wheelchairs, gowns, gloves, surgical packs, protective x-ray jackets, and much more!

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