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Volunteer Spotlight: Kwang Su Choi

August 29, 2012

Kwang Su Choi and his sister, Yun Hwa Choi, have been volunteering at MedShare regularly on Saturdays since March 2009. Kwang Su has taken on a leadership role in that he supervises and runs the weighing station each Saturday. Sometimes he is taping, weighing, and counting the boxes on his own. Other Saturdays, he is leading a team of up to six other volunteers to complete the boxing process for hundreds of boxes! He guides other volunteers as to how to properly pack a box of supplies so that it makes its way safely and securely to our recipients. He is a big help to our volunteer coordinators when volunteers have lots of questions because he uses his expertise to teach them how to sort and package supplies correctly.

Kwang Su first started volunteering at MedShare through his sister, Yun Hwa. She came across MedShare’s website, and decided she wanted to get involved. After some convincing, Yun Hwa was able to inspire her brother to come volunteer with her. Kwang Su’s initial thoughts were that he had much more exciting things to do on a Saturday morning than sort and box medical supplies. But after seeing the MedShare facility and realizing the critical health needs overseas, Kwang Su became very exciting about helping MedShare fulfill its international mission.

Kwang Su recounts one of his most memorable volunteer experiences as when he was able to meet a group of guests from Africa receiving a tour of the MedShare office. One of the guests approached Kwang Su as he was sorting and thanked him for the work he was doing was doing to support MedShare as he wiped tears from his eyes. Instances like this help to remind him of the importance of volunteering, and how a few hours of his time can really change someone’s life.

Kwang Su plans to continue his involvement with MedShare by sorting medical supplies on Saturdays and whenever possible. He also plans to be an advocate for MedShare within the community and helps to inspire his network of friends to join MedShare’s mission.

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