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MedShare Donates Supplies to Helping Hands Outreach Free Clinic

July 23, 2012

Helping Hands Outreach (HHO) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Conyers, Georgia. HHO was formed in 2001, then known as Helping Hands Computer Outreach, by Janice and Tolbert Morris to address the need for technology training and education among many groups living near the Atlanta area. Since 2010, MedShare has donated approximately 1,000 pounds of medical supplies to the Helping Hands Clinic.

In 2005 following the devastation caused by Katrina, Atlanta saw a large influx of evacuees from New Orleans, many of whom arrived with little more than the clothes on their back. Janice Morris, a native of New Orleans, even had her own extended family become part of the displaced. Many member of Janice's family had health conditions that needed to be addressed during this period, and to their dismay, few medical services were available to them and the countless other displaced. Because Janice's family were forced to leave New Orleans with little time to prepare, many members of her family didn't even have a form of identification with them. Without ID or documentation showing they had been displaced by Katrina, governmental assistance programs were slow to respond to the needs of many. As a result, Janice was made aware of how few medical services were available to people in need when those people have no identification or real ability to pay. Through this tragedy, Helping Hands Outreach expanded services beyond education and opened up a free clinic in 2006 where everyone is eligible to receive services, regardless of pre-existing condition, socioeconomic status, or ability to pay.

Since 2006, the clinic has expanded to see an average of 80 patients a week who come from all over the tri-county area. Partnerships have been built with other community organizations and nonprofits, local hospitals and doctor's offices, and even major universities in the area to be able to keep the clinic staffed, funded, and supplied. In addition to primary care services, HHO offers community health fairs, diabetes and heart disease education, and women's health services. Education is still a primary pillar of Helping Hands, but through the addition of the clinic, health and community development are now major areas of involvement. Additional programs are planned for the future to allow the community at-large to achieve the the basic human rights of health, education, shelter, and justice to all of those in need. MedShare is pleased to be working with such a great clinic towards improving healthcare and quality of life for those served.

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