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MedTeam Utilizes MedShare Birthing Kits in Kenya

June 14, 2012

This past March, doctors from Kaiser Permanente Oakland, Philip Miller and Lisa Taniwa Ryujin, stopped at MedShare’s Western Region Medical Team Store to provision their trip to Matibabu, clinic and hospital located in Ukwala, Kenya. They picked up supplies for primary gynecological care, wound supplies, basic surgical supplies and most importantly, maternal health. Dr. Miller also took ten Clean Birthing Kits with him. Clean Birthing Kits provide women with the essentials to have a clean and safe birth where they would not otherwise be able to have access to them.

They were meant to do a month of surgery but because of a nurses’ strike, they first spent days in the community visiting with the locals, teaching ultrasound skills and working at a rural clinic. This direct work in the rural clinic gave Doctors Miller and Taniwa Ryujin better understanding for how much it took to get health care in this community - the clinic visit, the triage, the funds for transport, and the emotional stress for these women to be away from their families, who are often the primary care givers.

Once in the main the hospital, the doctors worked with an exceptional Kenyan Hospital team to perform multiple surgeries – ruptured appendix, ruptured ectopic pregnancy; all fatal, if not for the surgeries! “We evaluated them again and counseled them regarding their condition and possible treatments, we took them to the operating room, and in most cases, did the case under regional anesthesia (the patient is awake but numb from the breast down), and they recover in the post operative wards together, sometimes two patients to a bed,” said Dr. Taniwa Ryujin. “Despite these conditions, our patients did exceptionally well, and we were met with smiles and thanks.” 

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