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Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole and Melissa

June 14, 2012

Seven years ago, Nicole and Melissa visited MedShare for the first time. They came with their grandparents, KC Senior Volunteers Elaine and Bill Conn, as helpers. They were too small and too short to reach the top of the tables.

Lifted up on to the tables, they helped, counting and giggling. Everyone liked the bubbly and lively young girls. The girls liked it too, as many of the seniors kept them entertained with jokes and teasing. Ever since that first day, Elaine’s grandchildren happily came along whenever they had no school, on average 4 to 6 times a year. They came because they had fun and liked the KC Seniors that were there. They liked learning about the different medical supplies and devices and felt that they were contributing a little to the desperate medical needs in 3rd world countries. They now sort, count, pack, weigh and stack boxes on pellets. Their efficiency is somewhat higher than many of the friendly seniors around them. Melissa and Nicole, now 15 and 13, are superb ambassadors for the MedShare’s volunteering organization. These lovely young ladies are so enthusiastic in participating that they raise the spirits of the people around them. Their example is a stimulant to others!

- Submitted by Adrian Drost, KC Seniors Volunteer Coordinator 

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