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Making a Difference in Ecuador the MedShare Way

March 11, 2010
Mom & her brand new baby at Santa Rosa Maternity Hospital.

“When our travels began in Ecuador, I began to question whether the country needed the help we sent.  However, as we began to visit hospitals, I saw another picture,” said Josh Kravitz, Programs Director for MedShare.

Josh Kravitz and Amanda Paniagua, Logistics Manager, recently visited Ecuador to evaluate the impact our medical shipments have made over the years and how we can serve our medical recipients better.   MedShare has a special relationship with this country, with our first shipment going there in 2001. Since then, we have shipped over 30 additional shipments of medical supplies and equipment to many hospitals and clinics. 

This trip was part of a new regional model that MedShare launched in 2009, where we are focus on a country to send consistent medical shipments to so we can have a more measurable impact on healthcare. With help from MedShare’s on-the-ground representative, Marco Galarza, Josh and Amanda were able to visit 11 hospitals throughout Ecuador and see firsthand how our medical supplies and equipment are saving lives in Ecuador and how we can continue to increase the quality of healthcare in Ecuador.

“It was so rewarding to see our medical shipments actually being used on patients and to hear how they are so instrumental in helping these hospitals provide quality healthcare. One hospital expressed how they didn’t have a functioning defibrillator before receiving one from us.   Defibrillators are key to saving someone’s life that goes into cardiac arrest or heart failure, and in the U.S., every floor of a hospital has to have a defibrillator,” said Amanda.

While in Ecuador, MedShare’s monumental 500th container arrived and a ceremony was held to recognize the delivery of the biomedical equipment to two selected hospitals. The Santa Rosa Maternity Hospital received a much-needed infant incubator and the Santa Teresita General Hospital received a defibrillator. 

Here's a video of MedShare's impact at Santa Rosa Maternity Hospital:

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