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A resurgence of the deadly Ebola virus continues to claim lives in the West African countries of GUINEA, LIBERIA, SIERRA LEONE (see map on right) and now NIGERIA. Many of the communities affected are those MedShare continues to serve with medical supplies and equipment. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those impacted by this deadly disease.

According to the World Health Organization, 2,240 people are now infected with the deadly Ebola virus; 1,229 people have died from the disease. Since May 22, 2014, we have responded to numerous requests from healthcare professionals in communities we are already serving in  West Africa:  

Her Excellency Madame Djene Conde, (below center), the First Lady of the Republic of Guinea, and members of her official delegation were briefed on August 11 during a visit to MedShare by CEO and President Charles Redding (left) and Vice President for Corporate and International Relations Nell Diallo (right).



Through the generous donations of our individual, hospital, and corporate partners, we are adding life-saving supplies and protective clothing items - disposable gowns, gloves, operating room caps, shoe covers, and face shields - to our 40-foot container shipments headed for West Africa.  In addition:


A donation of $200,000 from the COCA-COLA AFRICA FOUNDATION for Ebola control and prevention will help MedShare ship additional protective clothing to healthcare workers providing primary care for patients with the virus.

The ROCKDALE FOUNDATION is supporting the shipment of a 40-foot MedShare container of medical supplies and equipment to Sierra Leone.

UNITED PARCEL SERVICE  has pledged up to $75,000 to cover the ocean freight shipping costs of approximately 10 to 12 forty-foot containers from MedShare to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.



We continue to equip medical mission teams sending or taking supplies to West Africa to support healthcare professionals working to control infections and contain the spread of the Ebola virus. Some of those include:

Through AIRLINK, the GBOWEE PEACE FOUNDATION USA  is airlifting 400 boxes of medical supplies from MedShare valued at approximately $55,000 USD to seven community clinics in Monrovia, Liberia, including Hope for Women International. The Foundation supports the work of 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee, a Liberian, and head of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa.

Click here for more information on medical mission teams sending supplies from MedShare to West Africa in reponse to the Ebola outbreak.

The news of the death of Dr. Sheik Umar Khan, a MedShare partner and one of Sierra Leone's most respected health professionals, after contracting the Ebola virus, has deepened our commitment to this urgent mission.

We hope you will support our work to assist healthcare professionals in West Africa working tirelessly to treat and prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.

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When disaster strikes, MedShare stands ready to respond to those in need.

From disasters like the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, cholera outbreaks in Zimbabwe, drought and famine in East Africa, and the devastating Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, MedShare is often called on for help in collaboration with our nongovernmental and medical mission team partners and our corporate and hospital donors.

You can help by donating to our Urgent Humanitarian Relief Program

Our Shipments to Ebola-affected areas

MedShare has shipped 40-foot containers of medical supplies and equipment over the past 15 years to communities in need in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Click here to see more detail on those and all of our shipments.

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