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Humanitarian Relief Projects

When disaster strikes, MedShare responds, and you can help us do so by donating to our Urgent Humanitarian Relief Program. From well-known disaster situations like the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile and tornados in Alabama and Missouri to lesser publicized but urgent humanitarian needs like cholera outbreaks in Zimbabwe, floods in Pakistan, and drought and famine in East Africa, MedShare is often called upon for help.

With your help, MedShare can respond to these needs by supplying tractor-trailer-size containers of medical supplies and equipment customized to meet the needs of the recipient, equipping volunteer medical teams who are traveling to affected areas, providing biomedical equipment repair and support, and collaborating with other organizations to provide coordinated solutions.

Your gifts make a difference.

Located in the heart of Senegal’s capital city of Dakar, Association Santé Millenium (ASM) makes healthcare accessible for people living in areas without other healthcare alternatives. Founded in 2004, Association Santé Millenium is a group of young medical professionals (doctors, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, biologists, and paramedics) who deliver healthcare services in their Dakar clinic and in health campaigns all over Senegal. To achieve its objectives, Association Santé Millenum relies on donations and other gifts of goodwill to serve the most vulnerable masses who cannot afford healthcare. Please click here to support this project!

In Chile, the lack of resources has left many hospitals and clinics unable to adequately diagnose and treat patients, many of whom have traveled long distances to receive care. Help for the Andes Foundation, a non-profit organization, works with other international and local organizations to close gaps in education and health care. HFTA will distribute the supplies and equipment donated by MedShare to various service health centers in need in the Coast and Andes Regions. Please click here to support this project!

In the News

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If you would like to know if a specific need is being supported by MedShare or would like instructions on how to wire funds or transfer gifts or stock, please contact:

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